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>> axelrod: tonight, is this one of the world's most wanted men? the militant battling the iraqi government said this is their leader, a man with a $10 million u.s. bounty on his head. charlie d'agata on what could be the first video of abu bakr el-baghdadi. >> angry protests in the california towns become the latest flash point in the fight over illegal immigration. >> >> the california highway patrol promises to investigate one of its own after a patrolman is recorded punch ago woman during an arrest. mark albert has the latest. and the chianti, allen pizzey walks us through the birthplace of one of the world's most popular wines.
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>> wine is a beautiful thing. >> this is the cbs evening news. >> axelrod: good evening. i am jim axelrod. we will begin tonight with abu bakr el-baghdadi, who may just be the world's most wanted man right now. he is the leader of the islamic state of iraq in syria or isis, seized control of large sections of iraq. he is certainly among the world's most mysterious and elusive men, for instance, there are just two confirmed photos of him in existence, which is why it was such a big deal when a video was posted on two isis web sites today to claim to be him speaking at a mosque, seemingly unconcerned by the $10 million bounty placed on his head by the u.s. charlie d'agata picks up the story. >> reporter: the leader of the most extreme islamist group in iraq and beyond emerged from the shadows in order, to order all
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muslims to obey him. >> god ordered us to fight his enemies, he said, to carry out jihad and to spread the religion. a video posted on isis website claims to show abu bakr el-baghdadi delivering a sermon in mosul, the city that fell to isis fighters more than three weeks ago. it will take more careful analysis to prove for certain it is him, but the face seems to fit one of the only known photographs of the man. the video appears to have been filmed just yesterday during friday prayers. >> i am the leader who presides over you, he says, though i am not the best of you, obey me as long as i obey god in you. >> reporter: and more evidence of his extremist groups ram anyone iraq in attempts to trigger a sectarian war with shiites, the group released pictures showing the leveling of at least ten ancient shrines in shiite mosques, guarded across
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territory under their control. obliterated by massive explosions that sent the holy sites tumbling to the ground in clouds of smoke and rubble. showing such ruthless destruction is part of a media campaign designed to show the group is unstoppable. and by taking their leader out of hiding and putting him on full display, untouchable too. >> we spoke with an iraqi government official tonight, he said that the video is a fake and not bakr al-baghdadi but if it is him, jim, there is the most wanted man in iraq, showing up in a huge city like mosul just yesterday with a $10 million u.s. bounty on his head. >> charlie d'agata reporting from baghdad. charlie, thank you. the battle lines are more sharply drawn than ever tonight in the southern california town at the center of the immigration controversy, following protests that led to six arrests late last night. we report from california.
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>> the calm today outside of the border patrol station in mare yet at that may be deceiving, residents are on edge that the next group of undocumented migrants could head their way. on tuesday, he took to the streets when the buses first arrived surrounded and forced to turn back. >> send them back home. >> you see the anger and, that you lack compassion. >> it isn't a race issue. >> i am central american born, as a mother i do have compassion. >> she legally greated to the u.s. from belize and says proper legal channels need to be followed and enforced. >> i hurt for those children, but as an american, this is not okay. america does not have the capacity to be inundated. >> we are all immigrants. >> demonstrators both for and against the influx of immigrants from south america have
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descended on murder yet at that after the border patrol announced it would bring in bus loads of undocumented migrants every 72 hours. >> gallegos calls the heated protests heartbreaking. >> they risked their life to get here because they come here to work and better opportunities. >> diego runs a nearby clearinghouse that helps migrants get legal and medical help. >> they received hate mail. >> but diego, who was born in the united states says 300 organizations have called since the protest began offering their help. >> we are all americans and we love this country and want to be safe as well, so we understand that we need to protect our borders and we need to protect our country from terrorists but these kids are not terrorists. >> both sides agree that this complex immigration issue needs to be resolved, but won't be until congress acts. in the meantime, jim, another planplaneload of undocumented
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migrants is expected to arrive here in california on monday. >> thank you. >> the california highway patrol says it won't need an outside agency to investigate one of its officers seen punch ago woman at least 11 times. it will do it, itself as mark albert reports the video taken on the side of a busy la freeway earlier this week raises questions about whether the use of the force complied with the patrol's own guidelines. >> oh, my god. >> the video recorded tuesday during rush hour has now gone viral, leading to growing outrage in los angeles. >> oh (bleep). >> chp section chief o'quinn said friday he does not anticipate an independent investigation will be necessary. >> our internal investigation process is very, very detailed and thorough and it has credibility throughout the country and throughout the state. we are known as an agency that really polices itself. >> we have no confidence in that. >> earl hutchinson is a
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community activist. >> here you are the law enforcement agency investigating itself, that's why we said you have to take it out of their hands and what you have to do it has to be in the hands of the justice department. >> the chp says its officers are authorized to use whatever force is necessary to make an arrest and overcome any resistance. an independent investigation might be needed to restore public trust in law enforcement, says jody armour, a police use of force expert at the university of southern california. >> perhaps you can bring in an outside party so you say you are going beyond the call of ordinary procedures and protocols to make sure that because these are difficult times that there is transparency and not even the appearance of bias. >> the chp has not yet identified the officer or the woman he arrested, and in not, did not immediately respond to our request for its use of force manual. >> cbs, washington. >> axelrod: what was hurricane arthur has not been downgraded to a post tropical cyclone,
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after grazing new england during the last 24 hours. the storm is now drenching the southeastern coast of canada. emergency management officials in north carolina are breathing much easier after the forecast of the first hurricane of the year turned out to be much worse than the actual damage. hurricane arthur was a category ii storm when it clipped the barrier islands in north carolina. ken smith of cbs station wral joins us now from the hills. it looks beautiful behind you. how is the cleanup going there? >> the cleanup is going as well as can be expected at the height of the storm about 44,000 people without power. right now, that number is down to about 2000. the real trouble spot, jim, is on the island, we got on the island for the first time since arthur pulled away from the north carolina coast. we still found people cleaning up after the storm, one family we spoke with, this was the second time in three years they were cleaning up after a
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hurricane. hurricane irene three years ago did them in, we saw people still mending what the hurricane ripped away.ed there is standing water in many of the roads on hatteras island. >> getting around is difficult, getting around on two wheels is virtually impossible, jim. >> very early for a storm to hit. this could be a long hurricane season. ken, thank you very much. >> axelrod: the government of uh descrain claiming victory tonight in the battle for the eastern city of slovyansk. >> government troops raised the ukraine flag in the heart of the city today after pro-russian forces abandoned positions they had held since april. >> palestinian protests erupted in arab villages inside israel today following an autopsy report that a murdered arab teenager had been burned alive. further escalating the anger, new images of the victim's cousin a u.s. citizen apparently under attack by uniformed israelis, alex ortiz is in east jerusalem for us tonight. >> this video shows israeli security forces punching and
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kicking a bound palestinian. >> the victim lies prone on the ground. after the initial beating soldiers carry him away, pausing for another kick to the head before lining him up for arrest. >> i think attempted murder. that's attempted murder. in america that would be attempted murder. >> she says their 15-year-old american son tarek is the one in the video. he looked like this when they saw him in the hospital on thursday after his arrest. >> he doesn't look like my son. he doesn't look normal. >> fairing is the does of teenager, whose murder and suspected revenge attack earlier this week set off rioting. the with worst street violence the city has seen in years. >> israeli police claim the video is edited and biased and that the palestinian seen on camera attacked policemen. >> but the family deny this. they say he got caught up in the middle of the clashes. >> tarek has not yet been formally charged. >> your son is in prison badly
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beaten. >> and i feel like i am in a dream. i feel like i am dreaming. i won't wake up, i think, until i actually see him. >> tarek is due to appear in a jerusalem court tomorrow morning, they hope he will be released on the spot. >> get him the medical attention he needs and i am going to get my tickets ready, i am going to book our flight and go home. >> home to florida and far away from here. >> alex ortiz, cbs news, east jerusalem. >> axelrod: a man was bitten by a shark this morning off manhattan beach, california. the victim was on a long distance swim when he was attacked, a two-mile stretch of shoreline was closed to swimmers while lifeguards lured the shark further out into open water. later, another summer hazard on the water, whales and boaters getting too close for comfort. and many, many, many happy returns for america's oldest woman. when the cbs evening news woman. when the cbs evening news continues.
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>> axelrod: summer is a peak time for spotting humpback whales, the annual migration takes them just off the atlantic and pacific shores. but this year the whales are so numerous the coast guard is warning boaters to be careful. here is vinita nair. >> off the coast of san diego this week -- two whale watchers got the surprise of a lifetime. >> before capsizing they got this picture of the blue whale that flipped his boat. >boat i said to myself, dale, just do what you can, keep yourself safe but if you save that camera, save the camera. >> in response to an increase of ships striking whales off the east coast, noah put out this public service announcement asking boaters to reduce their
6:46 pm
speed. >> researcher dave wiley is tracking humpback whales off the coast of cape cod. >> how many whales do you think are out here today? >> i counted 18 humpbacks and more finbacks but more we can see in the distance, so i would guess maybe 30 to 40 humpbacks and probably, you know, ten or again finbacks. >> he says the whales are following their food, a tiny fish called a san land, this underwater foot damage shows the'll like fish. >> here they come. >> the whale bursts out of the water gulping in thousands at once, the problem is that a boat might be in the way. >> do they sense the boat's presence? >> yes. they definitely know we are here. you know, the other not perceiving this boat as a correct but they perceive other boats that are intentionally a threat but they are accidentally run over because they are not looking out for them. ship strikes are one of the main things that kill whales to. >> help protect whales from
6:47 pm
strikes, wiley rerouted shipping lanes in cape cod and created a are real-time system for notifying captains if there is a whale in their path. his techniques are being adopted in southern california, but he hopes they will be replicated internationally. >> i am just surprised how close they come to the boat. >> right. and what we are doing is we are under a permit to let us get this close to whales, so if you are a recreational boater, you really shouldn't be getting this close to whales. >> at the end of summer, all of these whales will have moved on in search of warmer waters, wiley says he doesn't know if the humpbacks will surface next year. >> vinita nair, cbs news, new york. >> axelrod: so what do you get a 116-year-old woman for her birthday? >> how about a brand-new title? gertrude weaver of arkansas has been declared the oldest living american by the gerontology research group which keeps track of these things. >> she was born in 1898, the
6:48 pm
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6:51 pm
petra kvitova took less than an hour to beat canadian eugenie bouchard straight sets, six-three, six-love, this is her second wimbledon title. >> the united kingdom the tour r de france that got underway. leads to the town of hair gate in the north of england and duke and duchess of cambridge, kate, were among those lining the group. >> now to the serious sport the players call ultimate, not to be confused with the casual pastime of throwing a frisbee around, as mark strassmann tells us, ultimate supporters now have dream of olympic gold. >> you know it when you see it, but don't call it ultimate frisbee. >> just ultimate. >> an ultimate field is about the size of a football field, seven players on a team, who score one point when they pass the disk into the end zone. >> we all know the weekend pickup games are now professional men's and women leagues, some games are broadcast on espn.
6:52 pm
>> ridiculously for a score in the semifinal match. >> the running, the jumping, the quick angle changes, and teamwork. the essence of what makes a sport good. >> bo kittredge plays for for revolver the san francisco team that won last year's world championship. >> it is amazing how much work i put in and how much training i put in. >> earlier this month, the u.s. olympic committee recognized ultimate as a sport, another step to possibly becoming an official game in a future olympics. tom crawford is a ceo of usa ultimate. >> we are very excited to now be part of the olympic family and it was a big step for us so now we think our growth is really going to explode. >> she is octavia payne is one of the more professional players. >> i won't be happy until it is at the highest level being played, that will push me in every way.
6:53 pm
>> the sport is pushing toward a new olympic goal, olympic gold, one disk chasing another. >> mass strassmann, cbs news, atlanta. >> axelrod: still ahead, italy's bearing of chianti. >> nd protect my joints from further damage. doctors have been prescribing humira for ten years. humira works by targeting and helping to block a specific source of inflammation that contributes to ra symptoms. it's proven to help relieve pain and stop further joint damage in many adults. humira can lower your ability to fight infections, including tuberculosis. serious, sometimes fatal infections and cancers, including lymphoma, have happened, as have blood, liver, and nervous system problems, serious allergic reactions, and new or worsening heart failure. before treatment, get tested for tb. tell your doctor if you've been to areas where certain fungal infections are common,
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use chianti that ala allen pizzy has just the place for you. >> after champagne chianti is probably the best known wine in the world and castello di brolio in tuscany is where it was invented. baron francesco ricasoli owns the castle and the brand. >> wine is a beautiful thing and it is something that for our culture it has been almost paired with the food. >> in the centuries bc, before chianti, wine filled a more fundamental role. >> it is something to be meant in drinking during the day, together with onions, a big piece of bread, lettuce and tomatoes and so on, it was a sort of a little bit of fuel for the daily working. >> the man who chased it was san giovese, known as the iron barohn, by instruments by today's standards are almost primitive, his intelligence elect, curiosity and drive have the added incentive of necessity, in the early 19th
6:57 pm
century the family and the castle they owned since 1141 had fallen on hard times. >> he was very smart, because he practically rebuilt the same, game and success of this house, and of its wines. >> a combination of the soil, the climate and the notoriety of the grape came together in what is still an ongoing process. >> gio stress is a very sensitive grape and not only in the vineyard but in the cellar. >> they are all made from different type of oak, filled with the same wine to see how it reacts and ages. >> chianti fills what is called amid range role, not a fine vintage to be aged and kept waiting for some undefined special moment. >> i almost hate to see the dust on the shoulder of the bottle, it means it has been standing there too long. >> some 40,000 tourist as year
6:58 pm
visit castello di brolio and many come as much for the wine tasting as for the art and history. >> i think that if he would taste our wines today he would be nicely surprised. >> to say nothing of pleased that his family castle is still in the family, still dominating the wine country of tuscany. >> allen pizzey, cbs news, castello di brolio, tuscany. >> axelrod: and that is the cbs evening news for tonight. later on cbs, 48 hours, for now i am jim axelrod in new york and for all of us here at cbs news, thanks for joining us. and good night. captioning sponsored by cbs captioned by media access group at wgbh
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after nearly four years of planning jessica simpson's big day has finally arrived. we're all over the lavish i dos. >> everything you to know about jessica's dress, the star guests and the last minute details. >> big white party tents, party trucks, a lot of prep going on. >> wedding need secrets on the d just outside the santa barbara ceremony. >> and from bubbly blonde to billion dollar empire, jessica's unlikely transformation. >> it says chicken. >> then i was the most humiliated woman in the world. >> monica lewinsky. her first tv interview. >> why is she reliving it again. >> it was violation

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